A HiLife Home

Designing Your Home

Everybody has a slightly different style when decorating their home. However, everyone appreciates functionality that makes your life simpler and easier. From the kitchen to the basement to the master bathroom we design your lifestyle into your home. 

Our design stage allows you to envision and refine your ideas before we start building it for you.


The kitchen is the centre of a home, it is where we gather to eat, laugh, and drink together. 

Your home should accommodate the unique styles of your family. Do you like to cook? Have a full chef’s kitchen. Do you need a big table to fit your family at? Let’s make space for a beautiful 10ft table. Should you have a spice room? Maybe you don’t like to cook and want a service kitchen for your events to be catered. Whatever the case may be you can customize your kitchen to your preferences.

Beautiful finishes that compliment functionality make your kitchen a showstopper for friends and family. It may also be your place to channel your inner chef. 

Great Rooms

Your great room has so many possibilities. Do you like formality or do you want a place to kick back on the couch Saturday morning? It could be family friendly during the day and take another ambiance after the kids go to bed. 

Give your great room the character that you want, create a warm space or a modern one. Maybe you want to give it an international flare, the ball is in your hands. 

Dining Rooms

Your dining room will be an exceptional statement in your home while it creates memories of family events, Christmas dinners, Birthdays and Anniversaries. A place to host family and friends when you have events to celebrate. 

Sharing stories over good meals bonds people together. It’s where you catch up with family and become closer with your friends. 

The Master Bedroom

You spend over 25 years of your life sleeping. The master bedroom is where the King and Queen rest each night, it’s your area to recuperate after your day. 

What do you think of when you imagine your master bedroom? Do you like to enjoy making a morning coffee and sitting on your balcony or an evening whiskey in your seating area? 

The Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom is your personal space and it should be customized to your preferences.  Do you want a standalone bathtub for your “Don’t bother me” time? Do you want a steam shower to improve your circulation in the mornings or reduce soreness and wind down after your workout? 

You can create what you always wish you had. Make the space you need in your bathroom to prepare yourself for your day.

The Basement

We look at a basement and see the ability to express your lifestyle in your home. What will you include in your custom basement? What hobbies do you love? Let’s create a woodworking room, a gym, a pool, a car garage, a movie theatre! We want to personalize your home to your interests and your basement is a great space to use for that. 


The first thing people see when they come onto your property. Great landscaping can make or break the curb appeal of your home, it can also transform how you use your outdoor space. 

Are you the gardening type that likes to tend to your landscaping, or the type that would prefer to leave it to the professionals? Do you plan on using your outdoor space to maximize the summer fun with a pool, cabana, and an outdoor kitchen? Maybe it would be better to create a simple layout for easy maintenance. 

The property around your home is a blank canvass to decorate whichever way you desire.