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Paul Jaypour

Owner and Director of Construction & Business Development

Do what you love and love what you do

What differentiates Paul from most other home builders? Put simply, it’s his affinity for the industry. But more to the point, it’s his passion for the home building process, from inception to construction and completion of a custom-built home. 

Indeed, you can say that building homes is literally in Paul’s DNA. You see, he was born into it. His family ran a prominent construction business in their homeland of Iran before immigrating. And here’s where the real story begins.

The same passion, different place

In 1991, at the age of nine Paul, his Brother and his Mother moved to Canada, initially settling in Montreal. His father remained in Iran, running the family business. However, the family business fell on hard times and never regained its original strength due to the regime change. Ultimately the business was closed.

As a result, it wouldn’t be for another 13 years until Paul’s father eventually reunited with the family in Canada.

Luckily, Paul’s aunt and uncle ran a local construction business in Montreal, building residential subdivisions in a local suburb. And it was here in Montreal Paul learned French and wholeheartedly dedicated himself to the family business and tradition. 

Being the early 1990s and feeling the recession’s devastating effects, Paul and his family in Montreal experienced financial hardship, causing their business to go under. As a result, they were forced to take welfare. A young newcomer to Canada, this was a challenging and yet formative time for Paul, relying on the government for survival.

However, it also taught Paul to be grateful and, as importantly, to never take anything or anyone for granted. During this time, Paul also learned about the qualities of grace and resiliency. And that he is a survivor. These were hard lessons that would nurture and fuel Paul’s future and destiny.

Real estate 101

Eventually, Paul and his family picked up and moved to Toronto at the age of nineteen, where he finished his formal education. And shortly after, he began his true education and vocation in everything Real Estate. 

When of age, Paul made his first foray into the industry, becoming a licensed mortgage agent. And it was here, in the school of hard knocks, that Paul discovered the ins and outs of financing construction and home building projects. 

Hungry to learn more and driven to succeed, Paul enrolled in and passed his Real Estate course, acing the exam and becoming a licensed Real Estate Broker. As a licensed Mortgage and Real Estate Broker, he put his newfound knowledge to work buying, renovating and selling homes and at a profit. Paul was hooked.

Paying it forward

Over time, working non-stop, Paul became a successful Real Estate investor, builder and entrepreneur. However, he remained humble and grateful for the opportunities presented to him over the years. But he never forgot his experience in Montreal, growing up in a recession as a young and fatherless child at the time.

His life experiences fueled his desire to give back to humanity and, in a phrase, ‘pay it forward.’ Knowing how everything can change in an instant, disappear overnight. This knowledge nurtured in him a growing desire to give back and to do good moving forward.

Enter HiLife Building Corporation

Paul began HiLife Builders in 2017 with two goals: Building high-quality custom homes and building affordable housing such as townhouse and low-rise apartment buildings, eventually moving into the retirement homes space.

For Paul, it’s as much about delivering high-quality products and services as it is about improving the lives of his fellow man, woman and child. Humanity, if you will. 

The onset of the Pandemic, if anything, has only served to strengthen Paul’s resolve to make a positive impact in the world, inspiring his humanitarian efforts.

Humanitarian home building

You see, for Paul, it’s always been as much about giving back as it is about legacy. But more to the point, leaving the world a better place than when he found it. 

As such, HiLife’s mission going forward will include investing in impoverished and 3rd world countries, including Habitat for Humanity and other life-affirming causes. 

At HiLife, we’re blessed with good fortune, great clients and want to share our success, making the world a better place in the end. 

Here’s to life. The HiLife.

The Team

Rowel Rosel Solano


I have been designing custom homes and high-end residential projects for 25+ years in the Greater Vancouver Area, Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay Area, California, Greater Sydney Area in Australia, Asia, and the Greater Toronto Area. I am also an expert in 3D visualization and illustration. I got a degree in Architecture and Project Management. In addition, I’m an avid traveller/photographer and have been to 30+ countries studying their culture, architecture and way of life.

I am a good listener – I can take a client’s requirements and dreams and turn them into a unique one-of-a-kind reality. In addition, my international design and 3D visualization expertise allow for an outstanding client experience and innovation.

Rick E. Schmitt

Project Manager

A little about me. I have been in the construction field since I was 14 years old and have been in love with renovations and building homes ever since. It was love at first site. I started my red seal apprenticeship at 16 and became a red seal by the time I was 21. During my career, I have been involved in projects as low as $10,000 and as high as $180,000,000 and have been a part of The HGTV network. I ran my own company for over 10 years, and I have gathered an enormous amount of knowledge in the last 23 years of my career. I will continue to work and learn for the next 23 years.

Sheldon Smith


It is a great pleasure and a wonderful opportunity to be with the HiLife Builders Team.

As their Cost Estimator, I gather and analyze data to estimate the amount of money, time, materials, and labour required to complete our projects. By providing a professional service to our clients and those we work with we maintain good and long-lasting relationships. My Business degree in Accounting from Raliegh North Carolina and over 10 years in the construction field participating in many aspects of the construction process. I’m excited for the future of this company from the positive feedback from our clients and those from the industry. 

Cooper Hewgill


Hi! I specialize in sales and coordination at HiLife Builders and I take on as much responsibility as possible to keep our business succeeding in all directions. I have a background in entrepreneurship having operated a student-run home maintenance business while in full-time university studying Communications and Management at Wilfrid Laurier. I have always had an interest in the construction of homes since my grandfather was a custom home builder and I am excited to be working in this field. Although I am new to the industry I am ambitious to continue learning.

Jennifer Orsi


I joined HiLife Builders in January 2022, prior to this position I ran and carried out a very successful family business relating to the construction Industry. With my great Knowledge of the Stone industry, we mainly focused on achieving the best results in fine renovations from small projects to big projects.  With 20+ years in the Stone industry, I was able to apply my knowledge of natural stone, slate limestone and engineered Quartz that was best suitable for your lifestyle as well as the client’s desired look.  Not only has my experience in the stone field helped us further our business but I also carried a great wealth of knowledge management consultation, team building, professional development and company collaboration. Overall, I enjoyed my customer experience and helped achieve the ideas into reality.

Sean Gittens

Senior Housing Funding Specialist

Since 2017 Sean Gittens has been assisting Homeowners across Canada with Housing Funding.

Sean takes pride in working with Homeowners to maximize all Government Funding that they are entitled in the area of Housing Funding.  Housing Funding is tax-free and Homeowners often miss out on funding because they do not know that Housing Funding programs even exist or the requirements to qualify for funding.

Housing Funding for Homeowners can be significant, up to $30,000. Sean enjoys meeting with Homeowners to understand their construction project and develop a strategy to help them maximize all the Housing Funding they are entitled to.


"Now that they have finished the extension of my home on time and within the budget, every time that I think about my experiences with them, “Professionalism” is the only word that comes to my mind! They have a great estimating team and if you get a chance to meet Paul during the quoting stage, then you are good. He is an expert and his vast knowledge in the field of construction will help you to save a lot of cost in your project; I certainly benefited from this during my projects with them. The other virtue of this company which distinguishes them among the other contractors is the transparency. . . This team had completed another excellent project for me in the past and so far I've been having two good working experiences with them. I highly recommend them."


"Hired this company to build us our dream home and so happy with the results. The team at HiLife are so easy to get along with. They are available around the clock and really made this experience a pleasant one. I’ve always been one to stress over little things, but with the group of people at this company they took on the stress for me making this whole experience a lot easier than I thought. Thumbs up all around!"


"Paul renovated my 2 bedroom condo and he was such an honest and humble man to deal with. He stayed within my budget and offered other alternatives where I could save some money. He really went above and beyond, and you could tell that he really enjoys doing what he does."


"What distinguish Hilife Builders from others are the fine quality and the strict timetable. No surprises, no extra few weeks. Everything is just right thanks to Paul and his amazing team."


"We could not be happier with our decision to hire HiLife Builders. They helped us create the perfect home!"


"As an Electrical contractor, I had a great experience working with this company. It is a very well organized, and well managed company that provides a best customer service with full responsibilities. I highly recommend everyone to work with this company!"


"Had a great experience working with Paul and his team. What we appreciated the most was: sticking to the time line we were promised and how clean they kept our place while we were going through the renovation."


"I was looking for a builder for a while and someone recommend HiLife builders to me. The experience with Paul and the team for some OCD one like me was amazing, seamless and stress free. Highly appreciate and recommend..."


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