BCIN Design

Ontario Building Permit Application

What does BCIN mean?

BCIN stands for Building Code Identification Number.

But what does that mean? Well, a BCIN number is a unique identification code required by certain professionals in the construction industry in Ontario, Canada. Each professional is responsible for signing off on their work with their designated code.

A BCIN license requires a set of qualifications from building officials, inspectors, registered code agents, septic installers, and designers who provide construction planning or design services. It’s obtained when they successfully complete specific testing on the Ontario Building Code.

What can BCIN designers do?

A BCIN designer is a licensed professional in the architectural field who is qualified to produce and approve building plans up to 6450 square feet for construction in Ontario, Canada.

Most designers start with the General Legal exam and the House or Small Buildings exam. The House exam licences them to create residential home designs or small auxiliary structures like garages and decks, while the Small Buildings exam qualifies them for home designs and small commercial projects.

There are also qualifications for large and complex buildings, septic design, and plumbing design that allow designers to plan septic systems, tenant fit-ups, or commercial renovations with certain restrictions.