Land Development

Development Planning

Often, a property that you own or are considering buying is not currently used for its highest and best use. In such cases, Hilife Builders can assist you to complete your land development project. While there are different types of land development solutions for different situations, Hilife Builders offer clients both a general approach and specific tailoring to meet the particular needs of both the client and project.

Of course, Hilife Builders also works together in teams that include other internal or external consulting experts (e.g., solicitors, architects, engineers, etc.) to make your project a success. To learn more about how we can help you through our land use planning services, please contact our office.

Are you thinking about land development? Whether you own your land or thinking about buying a land for the purpose of changing its allowable usage, contact our office for a free no obligation consultation.

Land Assembly is the act of strategically gathering multiple properties for the purpose of developing that area into another form of housing such as townhomes, or multi-unit buildings.

Our typical clients consist of existing homeowners with large lots and investors who wish to capitalize on their investment.

When working on these projects we offer homeowners the option to be included in the assembly usually offering above market price for their property, applying for development permits with the city and beginning severance.

Land Severance is the process of dividing a large parcel of land into two or more buildable lots. We work with existing landowners or investors for planning and applications.

With the option of residential, commercial or mixed unit buildings we are able to build small communities. Single homes, townhomes, mid-rise condominium rentals and sales or mix-use properties are the most common combinations of development.